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Award Winner Composer.
Music Producer.


"It is our great honor and pleasure to personally inform you that Caio Makako, has won "Honorable Mention" with the song "Neogeo" in the "Instrumental" category in the 2021 Unsigned Only Music Competition."

Candace Avery and Jim Morgan

Co-Founders / Co-Directors

Funky Munkys is the new music project that Caio Makako is heading with Alex Cigano. Although the full album is dated to be released in 2022, the duo is promising a single before the years end.

Outstanding Instrumental Album, New Release and Instrumentalist for Caio Makako in the 2020 Spring Global Music Awards with his most recent work  Tools of Evolution. 


Tools of Evolution, the new solo album of the artist, is finally out. You can check it in all major medias.


By the eyes (and ears) of the artist.

Wizard of sounds and crafter of musical metaphors, Caio Souza is one of a kind musician. His geniality in both classical and contemporary music coupled with his multi-cultural background gave him international awards and brought his work to screens and stages all over the world.

Caio is the creative mind behind Banana Music Studio, a state of the art recording studio and music laboratory. He is also co-founder of  Audiomancer Studios, a facility that finds audio solutions for video games.

In the performing field, the artist signs as one of the lead members of the Funk/Rock band Calango Django and creator of the video game music channel Blak Magik.

​"Music happens when mind and soul work together on making the heart be heard."

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